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Humanitarian Response to Qraya-2 Tragedy.

SSAD supported the Swaida American Society (SAS) fundraiser to address the long term needs of the recent tragedy in the village of Qraya rendering 15 casualties and tens wounded. We raised $20,000 in addition to $15,000 pledged from SSAD internal budget for a total of $35,000.

Considering the fundraiser mandate to address long-term consequences of this tragedy, we developed a strategy that factors in the currently available responses to the victims' families, with a comprehensive assessment of their long term needs.


Our assistance program is implemented in 3 phases:

Shor-term (1 month) : on the day of the event we made $5000 readily available to the Swaida Red Crescent to response to acute medical needs, focusing on the care for the wounded.

Progress: The Red Crescent provided nursing care and initial monetary assistance to the wounded. 

Intermediate-term  (2-6 month): another $5000 will be allocated to the wounded in need for restorative surgeries.

Progress: we started the assistance program 

Long-term (> 6 months ): $25,000 will be allocated to home-based sustainable aid projects. SSAD team has previously developed different family-oriented, income-generating projects. Our team will conduct a detailed assessment for each family , and help them choose the project that most suits their needs and capabilities. The team will execute the project, train families, and provide consultations over 1 year. Visit our general project program for further details.         

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