Humanitarian Response to Qraya Tragedy.


SSAD supported Swaida American Society (SAS) fundraiser in response to  the recent tragedy in the village of Qraya rendering 15 casualties and tens wounded. The immediate needs are large, but the long-term ones are greater.

In response to the humanitarian crisis we immediately sent $ 5,000 to meet the urgent needs in collaboration with the Red Cross/Crescent.

We pledge to match SAS donations with $15,000, hoping to reach the campaign's goal of $30,000 dollars to be used to secure sustainable aid for these families.

We volunteered our advanced compliance program  expertise, capabilities and licenses in this field of international charitable work to serve this effort.

We are currently working closely with the Red Cross/Crescent to develop a plan that addresses the short, mid, and long term needs as well as preserving the legacy of the victims of this tragedy. 

Combating COVID-19 in Swaida

SSAD in collaboration the medical committee of the Swaida Medical Society, local major local NGOs, and civil society groups designed and equipped a three-pronged strategy in combating COVID-19:

- Primary Prevention: Mask distribution campaign and public education in in schools

- Secondary Preventions: in collaboration with the Red Cross/Crescent, established a treat-at-home program including initial assessment, providing oxygen, and performing blood work.

- Tertiary Prevention: Reducing disease complication focusing on securing livelihood and providing psychological support/