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Who We Are 

SSAD is a program of Syriana, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aimed at reweaving the Syrian social fabric through integrated diaspora-local programs across Syria. The program is in collaboration with Swaida American Society (SAS). 


Our Vision 

Bridging the the Swaida diaspora and local communities to promote societal development back home.  


 Our Mission  

We aim to mobilize and organize our US community to collaborate with the local community towards planning, funding, and implementing long-term, sustainable community development projects in Swaida. 

Our Strategy:

We adoptin a three-pronged strategy focused on:


      I. Strategic planning: 

a. Developing a data-driven processes to assess community needs  

b. Collaborating with local NGOs and to identify high-yield development projects 

c. Build project management teams, implementation plans, and quality monitoring systems.

     II. Funding:

a. Establishing transparent financial procedures in compliance with regulations.

c. Engaging the community in fundraising campaigns 

d. Applying for grants from nongovernmental, humanitarian organizations

    III. Implementation: 

a.  Establishing a network of local partners compliant with accountability standards 

b. Executing pilot-projects based on strategic plans and expand successful one

c. Applying quality assurance and monitoring measures 

Program Team

- Samir Sharaf Aldin. Chair and Treasurer, (US)

- Zaid Hatoum, US, Compliance (US)

- Rawya Slah Al Din, Compliance (Syria)

- Kenan Mhethawi, Finance (Syria) 

- Basel Naser, Program Coordinator (Syria)

- Feras AlBeini (Research and Development) (Syria)

- Maher AlShaarani, Operations (Syria)

- Ola Salah, Women Empowerment (Syria)

- Rasha Obaid, Women Empowerment (US)

- Alaa Abou Saif (Medical programs)(US)

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